The Ottre Massacre – The monument

Chapter 2: The Monument.
Just outside the small town of Ottré, located on the main road to Langlire, stands a monument. A large stone with a plaque, three flagpoles and a large concrete star.

On the plaque we read the name of  PVT Henry Irving Tannenbaum, New York, 83rd Infantry Division, 331st Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Company F, killed in action on the 11th of January 1945 near Ottré.
Below you can read: and the brave soldiers of the 83rd Infantry Division. The inscription ends in French: In memory of the Belgian soldiers and victims of World War II 1940-1945. The monument was erected by the U.S. Veterans Friends Luxembourg and the town of Vielsalm. It was inaugurated on june 22, 2002 by Sam Tannenbaum, son of Henry Irving Tannenbaum and Tony Vaccaro, 83rdID/ 331st regiment, F company veteran.

Nowadays it is a different plaque. Some years ago the original copper one was stolen and never returned.
Each year, during a historical march a commemoration is held at the monument.

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The old plaque, 2009
The old plaque, 2009
Ottre, looking toward the German line. This was the line of departure.
Picture taken on 10 January 2022