The Ottre Massacre – Sources and acknowledgments

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17 Januari 2017

Chapter 16. Sources and acknowledgments

During the years I have used the folowing sources:
– After Action reports 83rdID (NARA)
– Morning reports (thanks to John Bowden and Footsteps Researchers/ Myra Miller).
– S-3 Journals (Thanks to John Bowden).
– IDPF’s thanks to Myra Miller/ Footstepsresearchers and National Archives.
– Thijs Hodiamont and his fabulous website 83rd Infantry Docs.
Jack W. Rose, a captious picture – article by the author.
– ‘We Saw It Through. History of the 331st Combat Team.” by Sgt Jack M. Strauss.
– De la neige et du sang – Eddy Monfort.
Underfire: The Untold Story of Pfc. Tony Vaccaro.
– Interviews André Beaumont.
Brothers in Arms website by Dave Curry.
– Im Feuersturm letzter Kriegsjahre- Wilhelm Tieke
– Statements of Bob Kauffman and his book “The Replacement”.
WW2 History of the Medical Department
– Report of Operations: Oct. 20, 1943/Aug. 1, 1944-Feb. 23/May 8, 1945, Volume 7,Nummers 15-20 (IX. History of Neuropsychiatric Cases)
– 908th FAB AAR
WW2 US Medical Research Centre
– National Archives


During all these years I had help from so many people. Hours and hours of research discussions, telephone calls, skype meetings, etc, etc.
I just hope I did not forget anybody:
First of all: Thank you Bob Kauffman, to ask me to research this incredible difficult matter. It was a long, exhausting trip, that brought me many new friends and contacts. Something you have always told me that would happen. And you always encouraged me to go further. A salute to you.
Bob Kauffman passed away on June 2, 2013 in Lehigh Valley Hospital.
Tom Konings, Marco Eradus, Rick de Jong, Marc Brand, Thijs Hodiamont, Frans Nooij, Frans Konings, David Martin, Myra Miller, Joey van Meesen, Florent Plana, Eddy Monfort, Aimee Gagnon-Fog, Glyn and Ben Nightingale, Ron Langeveld, Andre Hubert, Lee Stover Wiant, family Clarence Self,  André Beaumont, several family members of the 83rdID, John Bowden, Norman Richards, David Metherell, Alan Russell, Fort Devens Museum (Massachusetts, Worcester).
And last but not least Kristof Nijs for viewing and editing the text, keeping me sharp in the final and most difficult stage of the research. Thank you.

Eternal gratitude to my wife Eveline who had to listen to each inch of the process during 11 years of research.

If I did forget anybody, please consider this as my acknowledgement for your contribution and help.

Thank you all!
Bob Konings
10 January 2022

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German Prisoners of War in Ottré