The defence and fall of Sankt Vith

The town of Sankt Vith was sieged by German troops for a week. The signaficance of the town was simple: All the way from the Rhine to Sankt Vith a railroad cut through the terrain. With the seizing of the town of Sankt Vith, the Germans would win a big advantage. With the railroad in hands, they could transport all their supplies quickly into Belgium.
Green US troops, with the support of scattered did everything they could to delay the German divisions.

The story is told per day:
Part 1: Introduction, december 10th – december 15th

Part 2: December 16th
Part 3: December 17th
Part 4: December 18th
Part 5: December 19th
Part 6: December 20th
Part 7: December 21th
Part 8: December 22nd
Part 9: December 23rd
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