St Vith 23rd december

The 23rd marked the day of retreat for CCA/7thAD and CCB/9thAD.
During the night, first artillery battalions (956th, 275th and 434th AFAB) were moved out.
Because the German push eased a bit, the order was given to move out at 6.00hrs. Lt Col. Wemple was ordered to move out all vehicules and infantry, including a company of the 424th regiment/106thID at Crombach through Beho towards Vielsalm. On the north side, the troops and vehicules retreated through Hinderhausen to Vielsalm on a very narrow road. Lt Col. Boyle stayed as long as possible behind, giving covering fire. Together with his medium tank company, a TD company, supported by an infantry company and wounded men, they left the area.

All postions were overtaken by German troops……..

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Rencheux, Vielsalm area