The Soldaten Friedhof is situated in the hamlet of Recogne and is the only German WW2 cemetery in the Ardennes.
6,807 German soldiers are laid to rest here.

At the enterance you will find a redbricked chapel.01-recogne
At first, the Americans openend a temporary cemetery at the other side of the road (leading to Cobru), where around 2,700 American and over 3,000 German soldiers were burried.
All of them were killed around Bastogne, Luxembourg and at the German border.
After the war, the American soldiers were brought over to Henry Chapelle. The German soldiers were interned in the Lommel and Recogne cemetery.
During this period, the Belgium governement cleared a lot of German fieldgraves, small German cemeteries and German soldiers who were buried at civilian graveyards. Those men were reburied on the two cemeteries of Lommel and Recogne.
From the Ardennes area, over 3,300 German soldiers were brought over to Recogne. These men were not only killed during the Battle of the Bulge, but also during the invasion of Belgium in 1940 as well during th occupation. During the ’50, the cemetery became under the administration of the Volksbund, who established the final form of the cemetery.
Maintenance of the terrain is done by volunteers, mostly by high school kids.


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