Sankt Vith December 10th – 15th 1944

In the five days, adjecent to the outbreak of the Battle of the Bulge, two regiments of the 106th Infantry Division, nickname “The Golden Lions”, were sent into Germany to relieve the 2nd Infantry Divsion. The Golden Lions, just arrived in the area, were complete new and green troops. The idea of the 1st Army commanders was to sent the battle hardend troops of the 2ndID, who fought their way up from Normandy to the Eifel, to the Roer dams. The 2ndID had managed to overrun German positions and fortifications in the Schnee Eifel.
On december 10th, two regiments (422 and 423) of the 106th moved in the

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Maj. Gen Alan Jones

postions of the 2ndID in the St Vith and Schnee Eifel area, wich placed them in an isolated area. The 424th regiment was placed in the Winterspelt area.
In order not to alert the German troops, the two regiments of the 106th were ordered to move out to their newly assigned positions without any equipment and they would take over the equipment of the 2ndID. Unfortunatly, the men of the 2ndID took as many as possible of their own equipment, leaving practically nothing for the green troops of the 106th.
With the lack of equipment and a lot of reorganisations before the arrival in the Ardennes, the division wasn’t an effective combat unit at all…

The whole transfer was done by december 12th. The men of the 422th and 423th got support from the 589th and 590th Field Artillery Battalions. Other units, like the 14th Cavalry Group, with support of twelve 3 inch anti tank guns of the 820th TDB, eighteen M7 Priest and the 18th Cavalry Squadron came over to support on the flanks. Both cavalry groups did not have much fire power, but set up defensive positions in hamlets in the direct area.
Supporting fire was given by General Troy Middltons troops with eight artillery battalions, aiming at the Schnee Eifel and the Losheim Gap.

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