Reactions on the Ottre article

After the publication on 10 January 2022, I got numorous reactions via social media:

– Bob, I’m constantly amazed by the work you do- thank you!
– Bob Konings, thank you for eleven years of difficult research, eleven years of going down rabbit holes, eleven years of feeling the pressure to get it right. Well done. May they all rest in peace.
– Incredible research from Bob Konings , one of our resident Battle of the Bulge gurus…the massacre that never happened…
– Great work, Bob Konings! A LOT of detailed research here to pull all this together. I notice on the tribute page that for some of the men you only have the state they were from and not the city/town. I’d like to offer to do some research and find a more exact location for those men.
– Incredibly good job Bob! What an investigation. I hope that the history of Ottre will change, but there is a good chance that people will stick to the old story. Thanks to you (and the team), at least we now know what happened. And I especially want to compliment you on putting Harry Shoemaker in perspective. He was indeed a victim.
– Great substance. Perfect tone.
– Neutral in tone, sticking to the facts, no bias against anyone: that is how good historians work. Congratulations to a great piece of work done!
–  couldn’t stop reading. Interesting facts and conclusions, very sad what happened. My father was at the 2/331st/83rd CP in Bihain when this occurred January 10, 1945. So very sad that many of the deceased were ‘replacements’, most of the coming in just the end of December. Incredibly sad for them and everyone involved, including Sgt. Shoemaker.
– Impressing research and article! Compliments!
– Incredible research! Thank you for always going the extra mile and dedicating so much of your time and effort to honor these Veterans!
– Absolutely incredible research Bob! Outstanding. Stuff like this is difficult to research due to the “fog of war”. A 40 man platoon can be in the same fight and there will be 40 different versions of the same event. Infantrymen basically only see what’s in front of them. Also at the company and battalion levels the reports, such as morning and after action reports are always devoid of much detail. Absolutely amazing read and info. Thank you!
– Bob this is what I call excellent research!! I knew a bit of the story and you looking a bit up against the reactions. You’ve made a very clear and neutral story which you can be very proud of.
– What a dedication to history ! Impressive research going deep in the facts and in the human feelings.