Bulge relics museum Joubieval

The Bulge Relics museum in Joubieval is an outstanding and young museum.
It was built only a few years ago by owner Jean-François Noirhomme.
The story about the museum is very special:
“We were born in the Belgian Ardennes, one of the worst areas of the Second World War, where the so-called “Battle of the Bulge” took place. We have always been interested in the history of our region, where our parents and grandparents experienced that dreadful winter 1944-1945 !
bulge-relics-museum-joubievalIn 1984, we started looking for artifacts dating back to that period of time, in most cases very rusty or in a pitiful state !
30 years later, our small museum presents on several floors those relics, often lost under tragic circumstances.
They remind us, beyond the objects, the everyday life of those men, civilians or soldiers, as well as the importance to perpetuate the memory of those events for future generations.”
So, it was Jean Francois and his small team who where looking for battle of the bulge stuff since the 1980’s. Jean Francois told me once that the idea of creating a museum popped up, when his house, basement and garage was stacked with materials.

The museum is not a barn filled with junk, rusty materials and disintegrated cupper shells. You will feast your eyes on this one. When you stand in front of this barn, you will be in doubt: “This is supposed to be a museum?”. Yes, standing in front of it, it looks small. But wait when Jean Francois opens the door for you. You will enter whalhalla. Weaponery, uniforms, helmets, it is all unique stuff. And, most important, it tells you the story of the area. Three floors stacked with unique materials from the 83rd infantry division, 3rd amrored division, warplanes, german and US equipment. You name it.
This well hidden museum is a must see!
And you know what: Jean Francois speaks fluent English, it is an extra bonus to visit this museum.

So, here’s the adress and phonenumber. Jean Francois is willing to open his museum for everybody interested. Please give him a call you’re coming:

Bulge Relics museum
Route d’Ottré 41 Joubieval64144_1
B-6690 Vielsalm
+32 (0) 496 31 61 74
Website: www.bulge-relics-museum.be

Opening hours:
On Saturdays and Sundays in June-September and in December from 1 to 5.30pm.
You can visit this museum on other times, but you have to make a reservation!
Adults: €6
Children: €4
Groups (min. 10 people): €5 per person.

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