Ardennes American cemetery

The Ardennes American Cemetery and Memorial is situated near the southeast edge of the village of Neupré. The Ardennes American Cemetery is one of the 14 overseas permanent military cemeteries. The area was liberated on september 8th 1944 by the 1st Infantry Division. On february 8th 1945 the temporary cemetery at Neupré was opened.
After the war the temporary cemeteries were disestablished and permanent cemeteries were made by the American Battle Monument Commision (ABMC). Relatives of deseased soldiers got the 05option to choose for a permanent internment or the option to bring their loved ones home. If you requested a permanent internment, the remains were buried on new build cemeteries, usually the one which was closest to the temporary cemetery. The work was done by the Graves Registration Service (GRS).
The Construction of the cemetery was completed in 1962.

The architects for the cemetery were Reinhard, Hofmeister and Walquist of New York. The landscape architect was  Richard K. Webel of Roselyn, Long Island.
Entering the cemetery you will first find the visitor building and office of the superintendent, where you can get a visitors guide and meet the staff. The staff will help you and answer any questions you have.
Entering the site, you first will find the memorial, containing maps of the Normandy landings and the push towards Germany. You will also find side panels and a chapel. On the sides of the memorial, you will find the tablets of the missing.
On the front side of it, is a 17 feet high eagle, joined by the 13 stars, representing the United States.
Behind the memorial you will enter the cemetery. There are 5,329 headstones. 792 stones belong to unknown soldiers.  Among the headstones also are those of 11 instances in which 2 brothers buried side by side.

Extra information: (at moment of writing this article)
– 5,329 soldiers burried
– Missing In Action:  463

Adres: Route du Condroz 164, 4121 Neupré
Visitors:  09:00–17:00
Telephone: 04 371 42 87

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