We are working on the following projects:

ProjectStartResearch typeAreaStatus
The Ottré Massacremai 2009 (!)Lots of research! We keep finding new (small) clues. Longest running research!OttréOngoing! Enddate unknown
The Pol Servais Story!february 2012Environment research + civilian interview + translationRahier/ Cheneux areaPublished on march 3rd 2017
The Ethics of Metaldetectingjanuary 2013Story about graverobbery. (interviews + collecting information) and cooperation with authorities. ArdennesStory is written. Research On Hold!
Crashsite research (B17 or B24)Mai 2013B-24 was found: 42-50612/ King Size.
GrandmenilCase solved
Researching a German Soldier. MIA january 1945march 2017internet for nowArdennesStarted
Researching an American soldier who was KIA in the Grandmenil areaJanuary 2017Fieldresearch, IDPF + extra documentation requested in the US.Grandmenil areaOngoing
The Joachim Peiper trailseptember 2016Books, Internet, fieldresearch, etcArdennesPublishing date around june 2017


75th infantry division sweeping mines