Battle Field Tours

Always wanted to visit the former battlefields with a guide?
Here is your chance!
We’ll take you to places you never would find on your own. Villages, woods, paths, streams and…..many foxholes! We might even find traces of the war, like shrapnell or shellcases! We will stand on places were the brave men fought against a hardend enemy.

You can choose different tours and different duration. The minimum is three hours, the maximum is… Well, we can talk about the battle of the bulge a couple of days, but most guests take a daytour.
You can choose:
– The battle of Grandmenil: A 3 hour tour, starting at Baraque de Fraiture, ending up in Grandmenil itself. We’ll take you to Trou de Loup and tell you several stories no one battle tour ardennes logoever told you. Well tell you the stories Bob Kauffman (3rd armored division) told us himself during his visits in Grandmenil. This tour is mainly about the German attack on december 24th and 25th of december 1944.
You can extend this tour with three hours: we wil visit Ottré and tell you the very unknown story of a massacre wich happend on january 10th 1945. We’re studying on this matter for years.
– The 551st PIB: We’ll take you from Werbomont all the way to Rochelinval and tell you the horrible story of the GOYA (Get Off Your Ass) men. This 6 hour tour will flabergast you. Not only because of the amazing men, but, above all, the horrific circumstances they had to fight in.
– Hellish places: a 6 hour tour throughout the Ardennes. Form Grandmenil, to Rahier, La Gleize, Stavelot, Bihain and other places.


Bob and Bob Kauffman having a laugh in Baneux.

During the tour, we travel by car.  If you like you can get lunch with you. The other day(s) you can visit museums about the battle of the bulge. Some will give you discount, because you had a battle tour with us.

You can check the museums in the Ardennes on this website under the musea button.

We advice warm clothing during winter and autumn seasons. Take good shoes and please, don’t forget to bring your camera.

 We’re currently working on several new tours, like the Joachim Peiper tour.



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I don’t care standing knee deep in the mud. As long as I find their traces.” – Bob Konings-


Bob talking with veterans of the 75th infantry division, Ned Knapp and Bryan Sperry